Problm about settings


I have a question.

I have Katalon Studio version 7.1.2.

When i open web recorder and play record button, the error windows open.

It isn’t run.

And the same problem is when i want to get run my tests. test failed. browser window cannot open.

and then i have a problem about proxy. when I set NO PROXY, i can’t sing in at katalon,

when i have ‘use system proxy configuration’ test failed.

I hope that all is a problem about settings.

Can you help me please?

I’m still learning automation testing and i want to learn in katalon. But every day i have a problem about this ways.

Hi @padamikova

Please give us the screenshot of the error and the console log when the test fails to execute, it would help us to identify the issue.

For proxy, please try to set the proxy manually and provide your proxy server and credentials there, and let me know if the problem still persists.

Hello Thanh To,

I am sending a screenshot in the attaachment for you.

And if I use to set the proxy manually, it the same problem. tests failed.

Hope you Help me.

Thank you

Hi @padamikova1

Please go to Tools > Update Web Driver > Chrome and let me know if after updating the Chrome Driver the issue is resolved or not.

Regards !

Thank you very much for your help.
Tests working again.

Best regards,

Petra Adamikova

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