Proxy server error is appearing while re run the recorded testcase

Hello Team, I have created a new WebUI test through the Katalon project. And I am able to record our application. But I am not able to re-run it. On chrome when I launch the server(URL), it shows below proxy server error.

There is no Internet connection

There is something wrong with the proxy server, or the address is incorrect.


However in LAN setting Proxy server is already setup. Can you please confirm what proxy address I need to do.

Thanks Sumita


I have exactly the same problem with Firefox 52.3.0 (32-bit) and Katalon Studio Version: 4.7.2 Build: 2

Proxy is configured in Katalon’s preferences and I’ve successfully activated Kalone license online.

When I start Recording (or Playback later on), Firefox is starting with ‘No Proxy’ in Firefox’s Connection Settings.

What to do to force Firefox to start with Proxy configured?


I’m successful in activation Katalon licence on my network under a proxy by refer to “”. However, when running a test case on a browser, it shows proxy issue. I can work around by setting proxy manually when the browser is launched.

I think problem is “Katalon starts web browser with a default profile with NO_PROXY setting” by hardcode.

[Log] Logging run data ‘proxyInformation’ with value ‘ProxyInformation{proxyOption=NO_PROXY, proxyServerType=HTTP, password=, proxyServerAddress=, proxyServerPort=0}’

You should support the Create/Edit Profile keywords so that user can create/edit browser’s profile before launching it.

You need to configure proxy settings also on this preferences. Please set it to be the same with your current proxy configurations as well.

I am having the same behaviour with my Katalon. I think this might be a bug?

same issue is there any update on the same please ?

ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED is a browser-based error, it means your browser is not able to connect to the internet because of the proxy connection. Either you have invalid proxy connection or configuration of proxy is controlled by the third party. . You can usually solve this issue with the following steps:

Change Proxy settings
Renew IP address
Delete Proxy Server Registry Key
Reset TCP/IP