Postman JSON Files Failing Import

Evaluating this product and have been attempting to import a collection from Postman (in JSON format) into this tool for a week now with no success. Keep getting error message that file is not JSON though it clearly has a .JSON extension and was exported from Postman as such. The Katalon log is not recording this error either so that is no help in finding a resolution.

I have emailed an “expert” from the Katalon site (Emily) but it seems that she is off for a WHOLE WEEK for a national holiday in Vietnam…wondering if this is always the case with support at this company.

Maybe you could attend the error you get shown or any error log at all for us to see whats going wrong with your import?

Hi @pamela.wittman

Please reproduce this and provide the log under Help > Error Log when the import fails. Also let me know the name of the file, is it complex ? Could you try with a simpler name like simple.json to see if this problem persists ?