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I am having issues with this import feature. The folder appears only after closing and reopening the project, and but the folder is empty. No errors pop up and there are no details as to why this may not have worked.

Exporting my postman collection in the correct 2.1 format.

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I’m seeing the same issue.

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I am facing the same issue with through Postman :frowning:

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I am also seeing this issue :frowning_face:

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I have the same issue. Postman folder is empty!!

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This doesn’t work for me either. Does this work for anyone?

Worked for me:
Postman -> export
Katalon: Start Import, Select the exported file.
Beware there are 2 Postman folders.
C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Postman is the right one (or where you saved the exportfile)

hope it works for you too

The Import feature was tried and the collection got imported in Katalon 7.1.1 but as soon as its executed in katalon, its giving a parsing error

Did else face it?

how can i import from postman? i can not find import postman by me. i use the free version?

Is there an option to import Tests and Pre-request script from Postman to Katalon?

nope. and i don’t think such feature will be ever implemented

Since Tests and Pre-request script in Postman are in Javascript, and Katalon Studio’s main scripting language is Groovy/Java, I don’t think importing these will make sense.

Was getting same issue where Folder would load but nothing else.

Postman collection export contained multiple items (i.e folders).
After removing several Items (folders) requests were imported correctly.

Feels like the Postman import may have a limitation on the size of the collection or that an error occurs on something within the collection???