Postman tests not imported in Katalon

Good morning, everyone,
I have automated several API test collections in the Postman application.
For these collections, tests were coded to verify the feedback flows.
When I import these collections into Katalon, the tests are not imported.
Has this ever happened to you?
If so, how did you solve this problem?
thank you in advance

Hi Thomas, Which version of Katalon Studio are you using?

Try using the latest version v6.2.0


I use the last version of Katalon (the V6.2.0) :frowning:

I don’t think such feature is implemented or even planned.
Postman tests scripts are JS, Katalon is Groovy/Java.
To convert them ‘on-the-fly’ is not trivial.
Also, postman is using his own libs and api, so if you have somehting like iterations in your pre scripts or test scripts, or if you use get / set variables, will be almost imposible to to it automaticaly.
You have to re-rwrite the validations.

At least the test objects are created properly?


that’s what I thought.
object tests are correctly imported into Katalon
Thank you very much.