Add Postman import into Katalon

Hello all,

I’ve used Postman for a while to do some simple API testing, and it works well enough on its own because it’s so super simple to get started. The problem comes in when I want a few more features than Postman provides, like load testing (which I’m finding Katalon may not be the best tool for) and collaboration with Git.

Because of this, I’ve been evaluating migrating to Katalon. However, based on what I’m seeing in the forum, it’s currently not possible to directly import collection data from Postman. This is quite an adoption hurdle, because I’ve already invested a fair bit of time in creating Postman test collections, and I don’t want to waste a bunch of time porting over requests to a tool that I may not end up actually adopting.

Since Postman uses a JSON export format, I feel that it would be fairly trivial to import the model, and since it’s just request data it should also be straightforward to map that data over to Katalon’s request format. Could someone add the feature into the Studio?


I agree, it would be great to be able to import postman tests to automate them.

@mike.moreno have you read the changelogs? it is already implemented since at least two releases. not perfect but is there, feel free to read the docs and search on the forum

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This feature has been released.