Please Highlight the location of Accept Alert

since ADD new ‘Web UI keyword’= Accept Allert.

please show it like this:

after a addition.

since it jumps and I wanna see immediately where it was added again.


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I Don’t Understand if this is a question or a tip. Can u explain it in detail?

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@valentijn.peters I strongly suggest you to re-read this topic:

and understand the content and the purpose.
Noticed you have raised plenty new issues over the past days, most of them similar with the above, with no valuable content at first look.

We can understand you are a new Katalon user and perhaps you are passionate about, but you have to understand also, that just rising topics in this manner without explaining what do you actually need may clasiffy you as ‘just another kudos hunter’.
The comunity is here to guide, mostly, but not for looking into cristal balls.
If your requests are legit in your opinion and you are a licenced user, kindly rise such topics with Katalon Support.
They are paid to support you. Comunity is not paid, we are here for fun.

Thank you!

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very literally actually.

When you add a new ‘Web UI Keyword’ … which is Accept Alert by default…

you’re always searching for that freakin where is that Accept Alert gone…

so make it very clear where it is at that moment.

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I’m not looking for kudos.

I want to have a test tool that please me in usage when I use it.

Also, I don’t demand any of the feature idea’s I raise.

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your posts are tagged under feature request section on this forum.
am i missing something? or do we speak different english, one alien and one from another galaxy?

i got this when you are using katalon studio you may face these kind of things.

when you click on Add → Web UI Keyword
by default katalon will insert the WebUI.accept alert.

there are 2 scenarios
in existing test case
You Don’t need to Search for where it is gone after doing ADD.
if you want a Web Ui Keyword at 4 line of a script select the 3rd line and click on add → Web UI Keyword
it will insert the keyword in 4 th line.

while creating new test case
by default when u click on Add → Web UI Keyword
it will insert the Accept alert at the end of the test script

i Hope this will help you.
as like the saying Practice makes them perfect you will understand and you will come up with new ideas too


it’s actually a really simple request:

please exaggerate visibly the location where the new keyword is added. that’s the only small thing asked here :slight_smile:

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I hope i answered your question

we are also Katalon users like you. and this is a katalon users Community. , @Elly_Tran Can u help here.

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Hi @here,

Thank you very much for assisting Valentijn with his topic when we were unavailable.

Hi @valentijn.peters,

While our Product team highly appreciates it when our community members raise bug reports or feature requests, they also need you to provide more information so that they know which area of the product you are referring to, and whether your suggestion will have a big impact on others’ experiences as well.

That means, you would need to better format your topic, as @bionel have mentioned in his comment. And beside, we do offer our members topic templates for whenever you create a topic within Bugs Report and Feature Requests so we strongly recommend you to stick to them to ensure that your suggestions and feedback are taken seriously by our team and other members.

Screen Recording 2024-01-17 at 15.09.27

We saw that you have been creating quite a few similar topics lately. Please help to update the formats within them, otherwise we will have to close them up since some members have expressed their confusion due to your lack of information. And this also applies to your future topics as well.

Thanks for your understanding,


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