[WebUI] Accept Alert

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Is it me, or does this currently (Katalon 6.2.1) only work for FireFox? Step fails for Edge and Chrome.
Also can’t seem to record the ‘alert’ with Object (WebUI) Spy.

I am seeing that behavior as well.

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I am experiencing the same behavior Firefox works perfectly but Chrome doesn’t work.

Accept alert demo

Keywords > Web UI Keywords > [WebUI] Accept Alert

That’s how the documentation is organized, so this is the first place I can give feedback. There needs to be a page in the grandparent topic (Keywords) telling us what keywords are. I know what a method is, and “method” is a sensible name for the concept. I also know that, with the @Keyword annotation, a method can be marked as a keyword, but what does that do? And why is it called a “keyword”?