[UPDATED] New Katalon Forum structure. Check it out!



Thank you for being a part of Katalon Community! We couldn’t have gotten to where we are as a community without you.

As our community has been constantly growing, we recently announced the restructuring of Katalon Forum. However, we have received the invaluable feedback from our users about this change. After taking the comments into serious consideration, we have decided to keep both support channels:

For troubleshooting and inquiries about products, please post your questions or search for answers we recommend posting your questions on Stack Overflow with the following tags: katalon-studio, katalon-analytics, or katalon-recorder. Our product specialists will frequently check and assist with your issues.

For bug reports and feature requests, please post your inquiries to Katalon Community. Our dedicated team members will collect and log to the development queue for further evaluation.

We believe this UPDATE will help our users expand their reach and connection to other tech experts (e.g. Groovy, Selenium, Java) in the community. We encourage all users to take advantage of Stack Overflow to search for topics relate to Katalon or common issues in test automation. Questions and answers on Stack Overflow are easier to find on Google search. This will help the Katalon team and other users resolve issues in a timely manner.

Thank you again and we hope to see you on both Stack Overflow and Katalon Forum!

Note: Katalon Team will continue to support all recently created or existing threads on the forum.

Happy Testing,

The Katalon Team


Stack Overflow is, as far as I see, where programming geeks get together. On the other hand many of those who visit this forum are saying “i am not a programmer, i am not a developer …”. Those visitors will be scared of being redirected to Stack overflow. I am against this idea.


cannot start discussion on questions since some moderator flags my response as “Not response to question” - ok, but if question is unclear how can i help i don’t have reputation 50 to put comment to question…
i’m not a fan of this idea


btw guys, if you are serious, redirect “START TOPIC” button either to this post or to stack overflow


I had been informed by a Katalon insider that the forums were going to move to a Discourse format (https://www.discourse.org/) which I thought was a great idea. It was supposed to be completed by September. What happened to that idea?

(Oh, and who is “Katalon Moderator”? Can we have a person to talk to please? Oh, it’s five different people - they don’t have names?)

Now you’re trying to move to StackOverflow. I can understand why: It’s a great way to get support and repeated questions answered “for all time”. Plus, as mentioned, searching via a search engine will return better results.

However, SOs reputation system is a non starter for some of us – at best, a significant barrier to entry. My organization has looked at SO Teams, but voted against it due to a lack of messaging (IMs). SO is severely restrictive. It’s not “conversational” and (as Kaz pointed out) is seen as intimidating to new(er) users.

Since you don’t provide a downvote button, this is me clicking that non-existent downvote button 100 times.

This is a BAD MOVE guys. Really. >:)


Thank you all for the feedback. We are really happy seeing your responses, and those concerns are indeed valid. We will keep the current forum for all kinds of questions and discussions. Stack Overflow questions are also monitored and answered regularly. Users can choose the place to ask based on preferences and the context of their questions.

Regarding the plan to move to Discourse, it is being tested and the rolling out will happen soon.


Stack Overflow questions are also monitored …

That’s where the problems begin.

SO questions need to be clear and concise – “valid” in SO parlance. Otherwise they are (potentially) closed, voted down and killed. It is not a true HELP forum. There are two reasons why this forum wins and SO format fails:

1 - Many Katalon users don’t know enough Katalon terminology to ask a valid question in their early days using Katalon.

2 - Some users don’t have good enough English to be able to formulate a valid question. Here in the forums they get “time” to ask their question over a series of posts until their question becomes clearer.

That is why SO can seem so intimidating and unfriendly.

And by the way, this is not just “feedback”, it’s a flat out downvote. I will not be using it. It’s too elitist and way too big to keep mental tabs on what’s going on. This forum (or a version in Discourse) is precisely what’s needed. It’s friendly, approachable and is mentally less taxing.

And if the SO site takes off and this forum becomes a ghost town, I’ll become a reader, not a helper/poster.

Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

And finally, I am NOT saying SO is useless. It has it’s place and I use it a lot. What it does NOT do, is what we/Katalon needs.


+1 to Russ


As a user who frequents this forum I am glad it is remaining open. I agree with what Russ and Kazurayam says about SO and I am glad the Katalon team has taken everyone’s feedback on board.


Hello Katalon team, question about running test cases with a few input fields, using the method sendkeys the test case execution slows down. I am using latest KatalonStudio on Windows10, browser Chrome. Can you please clarify . Is this a known issue, or there is any workaround? thanks. kind regards. Stef



Wrong thread. Please, open a new discussion.