Please change the font color for Dark Mode

So, I tend to like to use dark mode but I’m running into a small issue:

Can you please change the black font on black background to something else? Pretty please?

This can be changed in Katalon Studio Preferences, however a fresh installation of Katalon & applying the dark theme will default the text you posted above to a shade of white.

Yep, all true.

And in 8.0.0, it all changes again.

For those that want to dig, I think it’s all buried in here somewhere:


If I had time, I’d write a kinda-sorta-test that made my changes for me (File->Import settings misses most of them).

Ok, changing the font in the settings worked. There are still a few places in Katalon itself that are defaulted to black, but this is better.


8.0.0 will change it all again…