Usability Concern- Dark Screen

Hello Community Experts,

We have a new member who is having some issues with the Screen being too dark. He was unsure where to post this so I am assisting.

Does anyone have any tips on usability updates for new users? Here is his screen shot and he noted that he is using an older version of Windows on his system.


@igor_zhivilov did you try this: Change Katalon Studio Theme | Katalon Docs

If you could tell us what version of Windows, What Katalon Product and Version that may also help.

Best, Sara

The dark theme has issues.

For me, it was never completed properly and thoroughly - not like the light theme (which I believe is “native”; the dark theme I believe is an overpaint).

I wish I’d never tried it since even going back to the light theme, fonts are left screwed up in some odd places and nothing seems to fix it. Also, sometimes, this yellow box becomes entirely black (black ink on black paper?) – I have to restart KS to get it back.


But for me, that was ~3 years ago (?) when it was a new thing. It might be different/better, today.

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The font issue - compare:

Normal font (how it should look)


Scratchy thin font – how it became after Light them > Dark theme > Light theme: