Demo website is too slow- E-commerce


I’m trying to create some test cases using the demo e-commerce platform but it is too slow.
Because of that, katalon studio fails to record any steps done in the web page and also cannot capture objects in the spy mode.

Any idea of what is causing this issue?

Thank you in advance,

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Welcome to our community. Can you please explain in more detail as well as provide the error log, …? Are you facing it with Katalon Academy?

kindly share the demo e-commerce platform url, html files , any additional logs

Yes, I am going through the Katalon Academy.
I don’t have the logs. If I just open the url ( in a browser, it is super slow. It takes almost 30s to just go from the home page to the “My account” page.

Ah, yes, it is.

I checked the URL with the Lighthouse of Google Chrome.

Easily found that there are a lot of rooms for performance improvements.

In other words, this url is a good testbed to learn how to make use of the Lighthouse tool. The Lighthouse is amazingly useful to point out how to improve websites performance.

The speed of the demo e-commerce site should have nothing to do with you not being able to record any steps, but it will have a lot to do with your ability to “play back” your script. As I have mentioned to others, the recorder is only a starting place. Then you have to flush the code out, like I mention here:

If you cannot capture objects with the Web Spy, then again, that is not linked to the speed of the web site either. In this case, start with the F12 key and use DevTools.

We agree that we disagree.
I suppose, here, by the ‘demo site’ we refer to:

Did some quick look on it with the devtools.
Altough i have a pretty decent internet conection provided by my ISP, the latencies I saw on this website are … oh well.
feel free to play and convince yourself.

If that will be a real AUT at my work, i will say “cannot be tested, please fix this garbage first”
@Elly_Tran that is supposed to be a demo site put at the disposal of new users to start learning katalon features.
What they should learn? Patience? How a site should not be designed? Or how a site should not be hosted?