Katalon Recorder vs Katalon Studio - Performance Issue


I have a performance problem on my app when I am using Katalon Studio but when I use Katalon Recorder the problem does not appear any more.

To be more explicit when I run a test in Katalon Studio with 10 steps and steps 4-10 are iterative made over 1000 times the app becomes very slowly (as I can observe the number of DOM’s is very high ~ 1 milion) and at some point the test crashes.
But if I run the same test in Katalon Recorder the problem described above does not reproduce any more.

I run my test in Chrome Version 81.0.4044.122. The app is a SPA (Single Page Application) developed in Angular 8 and it uses custom components from Syncfusion ej2-angular 18.1.45.

@devalex88, @ThanhTo
I would really appreciate if someone could explain why this behaviour is happeing? What are the difference from performance point of view between Katalon Studio and Katalon Recorder Extension?
If more details are needed in order to give a more clear response please feel free to ask.

Thank you,