Pages not displaying

Pages take a long while to load of do not load at all while recording with katalon but they load when testing webpage without katalon. What might be the issue

Depending on the specs of your machhine you are running, Katalon can use up alot of memory which is probably causing your site to load when recording. The simplest way to resolve this is to add delays and WaitFor… when needed so the step wont execute till the element is ready - this will stop you from getting fails when all its doing is attempting to complete the step in your script.

I think you have the wrong end of the stick @hpulsford – delays while recording? How?

What OS? Which browser? What version of Katalon? Is the website available to be viewed publicly?

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Thanks bro but i meant while recording not playing back.

OS; Windows 10 pro
Katalon: 5.10.1
Browser: Google chrome
Website is on a test server, it cannot be viewed publicly

Ahh yes - i misread, my bad, ill let the experts handle it :wink:

Try Firefox, if possible. (I just want to see if this is a specific webdriver problem).

Okay…I will do that and revert

Tried recording with firefox and the page isn’t still loading…will wait to see if it ever loads

Page still doesn’t laod…any solution