Overzealous Moderators / Admins

In this instance, I’m looking at you, @devalex88 but this might apply to any other forum admin/moderator with powers beyond their capabilities to manage appropriately.

This is a FORUM, where individuals express themselves in a personal way - it thrives through that individuality. It is NOT a formal website, where editing and a certain amount of editorial license maybe expected.

Keep your fingers out of my posts OR invite me to leave.

Hi, I’m sorry for not informing you. But to clarify, the change was to make your topic more prominent:

What I did is to add a link to the end of this post to give users a copy-and-paste template for new questions. The reason is that I want users to read your post first before submitting questions, instead of having to pin two topics which might confuse new users. We also didn’t want to pin too many topics. That means I took your content more important than ours.

I’ll remove this now, and I sincerely apologize you for this mistake.

Regarding moving this topic to the Bug Report category from the Tips and Tricks category (per your PMed question), I believe it will catch users’ attention better. If you don’t think it was a reasonable move, please tell me. We will look for a better way to restructure to the forum.

For the record, I will move this topic to Site Feedback.

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My intention is to accept your apology, but not before you fully understand why I took umbrage with your tactics.

You have no evidence for what you “believe”. I made a judgement call when I wrote that post; my thoughts were something like “What we need is a TIP…” and If I can capture the requirement and at the same time make the post stand out by its title, someone will make it a sticky.

That happened. Without your “help”. If I understand the new forum well enough and if the site stats can be relied upon, it is the MOST VIEWED post in the last twelve months. Which begs the question – what exactly is the problem you are fixing?

You changed the title from the “alarming” choice of words with repeated exclamation marks removing exactly what made it stand out. People FEEL like that when their world is collapsing around them and nothing works. You made the post (title) just like any other and then placed it in the worst possible category: Bug Reports. It’s clearly NOTHING to do with bug reports. It’s purpose is to help new users compose a better question when asking for help. Bug Reports are not (supposed to be) questions. And the fact I need to explain that to you proves my point – do I need to restate it?

Now to my more principled point: Posts on a public forum are “open letters” in the public domain. You should not, MUST not, change a person’s words. If you (or anyone) change another person’s words, words that have their name attached to them, words where a reader believes that person actually said those words, you are breaking an implied trust between the author and his/her reader. Worse, if you make a change I am unaware of, I can no longer honor the statements I made in good faith to whoever might read them in the future.

If you don’t think it was a reasonable move, please tell me.

I told you. Here and elsewhere.

We will look for a better way to restructure to the forum.

By all means do so. But moving a post which is a tip for new users about posting questions does not (in any universe I know of) belong under Bug Reports. If that is how you believe the forums should be restructured, you have a long road ahead of you.

Finally, I have very little time to spare to help out here, but I manage to do so when I am able. What I certainly don’t have time for is supervising the supervisor. If you are not happy with anything I’ve done or said or written, CONTACT ME first.

Thank you for your feedback and for helping out people here. I’ll move the topic back to Tips and Tricks. I would like to apologize once again for the trouble.

Just to clarify, we didn’t migrate the views stats. And while I don’t have exact numbers, there are still many new questions lacking trivial information for investigation. That’s the reason why I’m experimenting with different ways to improve the situation.