[Forum] Not enough information button [WARNING-RANT]

please implement button - Not enough information - this will delete post and send email to member with following text:
Member of community - NameOfMeberWhoPushedButton - wanted to help you with your problem, but it seems that you did not put any required details in your post. If you still want to help, please spend at least some time and make sure those who want to help you don’t need to waste their time to ask you for details you was suppose to provide in fist place. If you have trouble what to post, look at forum rules - template can be found there.
Good luck next time.

sorry for [rant]… but with some people here i’m in doubt that they are QA at all… If some of my guys will produce issue with no description in style : “Something is wrong” i’ll fire him … on the other hand … i will not offer job to such person at fist place…[rant]



Btw, you should close with [/rant]

Well, thank you Andrej for standing up. This has been truly annoying me for quite some time. And I agree with the last paragraph too – it might sound harsh but it’s the truth.

I think perhaps once a user is awarded “Expert” or above, that button should be visible to them and they should be able to clear out any bad posts to a quarantine area (visible only to the poster and Experts) until they are improved.

Aside: I’d like to see a new forum area, “Testing Chat” (like other forums have a “Lounge”) where pretty much anything is allowed to be posted.

Hi all,

Thank you all for your input. I have noted and will share the suggestion with the team. I agree this would be a great time saver for the team and forum community.

Thanks again for choosing Katalon!


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