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Hello Community Experts - This is a very spirited discussion and it’s good to see you working together to solve complicated topics and problems. Our community team is really looking forward to collaborating with all of you and bringing even more value to your Katalon community experience.

We are already working on new ideas, features and content for the community. In the coming months you should see more improvements. An area of focus is creating more visual call outs, training and resources for our moderators, volunteers and experts. We will be posting more updates and also asking for your input.

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I would not need much of additional resources. I need only one thing: questioners should share their target HTML.

In this forum, most of questions were posted without disclosing the target URL in question; therefore we (volunteers as answerers) need to guess how the target HTML looks like, how it works. Questions about hidden targets are always difficult to solve.

There would be several reasons why the questioners make questions without disclosing their targets. I suppose.

  1. The target URL is on their private network, not accessible from the Internet. And the URL is often password protected, therefore unable to allow access for 3rd party.

  2. The target is too obvious to themselves. They do not realise that it is necessary to disclose & explain the target HTML to others.

  3. Testing beginners do not like looking at HTML code.

Katalon’s “Spy” and “Recorder” tools excuse for not paying attention to HTML. If the tools are perfect and always meet the requirements, they do not need to be skilled about HTML. But in fact, they encounter difficulties about the Test Objects generated by these tools. They don’t understand what is written in a test object and how it works against HTML which they haven’t looked at. In order to help them, we need to look into the HTML, but …

  1. Questioners tend to have a narrow view over their problem. They tend to ask a question quoting a single line of message out of the StackTrace and ask what they should do. God only knows.

  2. They have to keep the target HTML private because they must not expose the name of their employer to public, or due to some copyright reasons.

  3. Even when the questioners are open-minded and willing to share the HTML source in question, they do not know how to share it in this forum.

I have ever tried Saving Web Page as MHTML in Katalon Studio to improve the way how we exchange information about the target HTML. Unfortunately my attempt was not very successful. Curious to know why? See the following post

Katalon Studio already uses MHTML to some extent. But, I am afraid, Katalon failed to use MHTML effectively.

However, things should be improved. I hope you, @sara.leslie, to improve this situation.

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When a sophisticated software product (e.g, Chome browser of Google) fails, it automatically gather required materials for trouble analysis (logs, memory dumps, etc) and ask users if they allow sending the archived material to the manufacturer for their research.

How about Katalon Studio to equip this automated trouble reporting?

And Katalon staff would regularly watches the posted materials; solve it and respond to the sender. If KS equip this tool that support “Community Building” firmly, it would strengthen the product, I suppose. You should not ask “Voluntees” to be involved in it, you know.


As my previous study

tells, Chrome DevTools Protocol enables us to create a MHTML of the target web page easily.

If Katalon Studio moves to Selenium 4 where CDP is natively supported, then Katalon Studio should be able to feature a function which automatically creates a MHTML and post to some storage on Cloud; and publish a ticket to track the Q&A about it by Katalon and the Community.

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Broadly speaking, I’m in agreement with what you’ve said, @kazurayam. But not this:

Community engagement is a two-way street, benefiting both parties. In the good old bad old days, support people were sitting on the telephone engaged one-on-one with clients. That’s expensive and time consuming. Communities like this (forums by and large) enable an organization to “sell their time twice” since answers for “John” might also work for “Jane”.

I think what Sara is doing is trying to foster a better relationship between Katalon “the business” and users deemed to be product “champions”.

It’s a welcome change in approach – here, at least. :heart:

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