On Windows Machine Plugins Not Showing up


I am using 2 machines for our QA Testing, One is Mac Laptop and the other is Windows Laptop. I did automation development on Mac and then pushed it to Gitlab. On Windows Laptops, I downloaded a copy of the master branch from Gitlab and opened it with Katalon Studio. Upon running test cases on Windows machine I am noticing all the test cases are throwing up errors because of “java.lang.ClassNotFoundException” . On narrowing it down I found the installed plugins from Katalon Store are not showing up. I did reload plugin option and got below error.


But I do have plugins installed using the same Katalon account on Mac. On doing reload plugins I am seeing below on Mac which looks accurate.


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Thank you for the report. What is the installation location of Katalon Studio on your Windows machine? Did you start it in Adminstrator mode or as a normal user?

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Everyone, please download Katalon Studio 6.1.2 from the homepage and let me know the result.

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@devalex88 I updated the Katalon on both Machines and now the plugins are working fine.

I have same issue and my katalon version is 6.1.4