Katalon Plugin in 6.0.4 does not install from store


I have tried to install two plugins the test management and dynamic test case planning and execution to both my Mac and Windows systems. The plugins do not install and the only options under the plugin menu are install which searches for a .jar file location and uninstall which is currently disabled.

Is the store still not installing plugins or is there something missing in Katalon to install them?

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Hi @Paul_Kanaris

Hi there’s a button called Plugin Store on the right corner of Katalon Studio. By clicking on there you can see the option to reload plug-ins. If you already installed these plug-ins on store then reloading will automatically install them into Katalon Studio.


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Yes, I was looking at the menu which apparently serves another purpose.

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Are there plans for the store where a business can license a plugin for their team?

Yes we are working on it.

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I am trying to install a drag and drop plugin to Katalon 6.1.5 but when I reload the plugin, I am getting an error message. It says “reloading plugins is encountering a problem”.