When I have created a test case using test case using record web option in Katlon 6.3.3

When I have create a test case using the record web option the katlon studio recorded all the elements and activity, but when clicked on the ok button it asked me to import all the elements to the object repository. I have created a folder and and clicked ok to import the Webelements to the object repository. It is showing an error as : Cannot save entity file path length limit exceeds (311/255). You should shorten the name and try again. What should I do?

In the UI of Web Recorder, there would be a button called Show Captured Objects >>, if you click on it the view expanded would contain the Test Object tree. If you click on an item on that tree, the immediately below input would be the name of the corresponding Test Object, you can change the name here.

So you can choose the Test Objects with lengthy names and cut them short.

Cheers !

Hi @charan47133,

We have already fixed this bug in Katalon Studio version 7.0.0. Please check out the release note and upgrade to enjoy Katalon Studio with enhanced performance.