Can't capture anything via object spy


the object spy for windows seems Broken.

I tried the 32 and 64 bit version on Win7 chrome 69 …No capture Frame comes up…nothing is captured. Tried to changed Hotkeys…no success.

Only possibility to get anything recorded is in admin Mode.

Why is it so and how can I get around it?

Hi Kata,
I try with v.5.8.0 and it still works OK. Make sure your machine has permission to access…

Okay, first let me thank you for your answer.

Yeah… thats actually a problem. The machine that I have to use has no access to the target network with administraton privileges. Only possibility for now seems to downgrade to v <= 5.5 and use this for object catching, because I can remember that the spy there seems to work without administrative permissions.

Is there a download link for older versions?

This is the link with all old version: Hope it useful for you.
Feel free to give more feedback make Katalon better than. Thanks again for choosing Katalon :))

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