Object Spy is not able to capture window popping out of main Window


Object Spy is not able to capture the Window popping out of main application window. Consider the example Outlook Application, I click on New Email button and a new window pops up and there is no way to switch to this window as it is there in Window Recorder.

How to solve this?

Nishant Srivastava

Hi @nishant.srivastava

You should try to use the Windows Recorder to develop a Test Case to handle the pop-up, and then use CallTestCase to call it in the middle of a web Test Case. There’s currently no way to do Web recording and Window recording within the same Recorder.


Thanks for the reply.

But my scenario is window is popping out of window application.

For the popping windows from main application you can keep window open and start object spy. You have configure the object spy with desiredcapabilities and dont provide the Application File path. In the desiredcapabilities just configure it to find it with window title.

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