The Path to the objects in Object repository not pointed whenever I copy and paste it to the other folder (Object respository)


Tried to copy and paste a certain object from a folder(Object Repository-Project 1) to the other folder (Object Repository-Project 2) but whenever I run Project-1 (after copying and paste an object) I got this error :

Checking the object, found out that the object is no longer pointed on its specific object path.

This also happens when I rename a test case and object repository folder.

Is that a normal behavior or anyone has experienced this before?

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So the error is expected because the path of the object has been wipped due to you copying the object from another folder. Now to fix this issue you can just fix the path by clicking back on the object again and finding the repository its stored in.

Now whether or not this functionality is expected, frankly i have no idea. I have experienced it many times and some times it does get annoying.

@devalex88 will be have a better awsner for you on that front.

yes I agree it does get annoying specially when you got to copy the whole Object repository folder then the path is no longer connected. You need to fix it manually one by one. Somehow, I hope this could be fix or some workaround to prevent this from happening.

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Scenario 2:

This also happens when I rename a test case and object repository folder

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