Object Name in the test run schedule (TestOps) does not appear

hi everyone

I’m having trouble to schedule a test run in TestOps, I have set the token in my repository where Full control of private repositories section
i checklist. I integrated with TestOps and connected successfully, but when I wanted to add a test run schedule, my test suites in the repository were not found. I’m using a private repository. i have compared it with public repository and test suite found. Is there a step I’m missing if I want to use a private repository?

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Have you made sure the correct set up like the following: Schedule test runs in TestOps | Katalon Docs?

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Yep, I’ve compared it to a different Repo. Is there an error when I generate the token in the private repository?

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I think Katalon TestOps support to select object for Public type of repository.

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are you sure? sorry have you tried it? because I need to confirm this from other experiences

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I am not sure, because, we access repository and testobject under my organization not from my private repository.


i hope the Personnel access token you created in your git Don’t provide access to the repository.
please try creating a new Personnel access token in GIT by enabling the repo access and try again