Node-Locked License - Fixed Machine ID

We have installed the KRE trial license on a VM node and have successfully execute scripts from the command line. We are in the process of validating the integration between our CI tool, Azure DevOps, and KRE. We are currently planning to soon purchase the offline, node-locked license (instead of the Azure DevOps license) as we plan to use self-hosted agents for the Azure DevOps pipelines.

With that context in mind, we are currently verifying on the VM node that the machine ID will stay fixed in the event that the machine is re-booted or moves to another physical location for example. As of now, we have observed that the machine ID and UUID (on the vmware node) has not changed each time. However, we’d like to get confirmation/clarification how the machine ID is assigned by the the Katalon Offline activation script and then ultimately used. Have referenced the below links:

Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .