Can I use KRE (paid) and Katalon Studio (free)?

  1. Can I use KRE (paid) with tests from Katalon Studio (free)?
  2. How to run KRE on a VM without KS and withour Internet?
  3. How to generate offline license for KRE?

Yes you can

Yes you can, if you have a fixed VM you can use a fixed node license, if your VM is recreated on every run you need a floating licence i believe.
There is a good diagramm to help you chose in the Compare Pay VS Free plans section :

you can find a tutorial in the following document

Thanks, i have one more question. It’s about machine ID.

Machine ID generated by Katalon is based on the hardware specifications and the user account logged into that machine at the time.

What hardware specifications are used for generated Machine ID?
Whether there will be problems with VM?

Hi Andree,

This node-lock license type is applied to local desktops or workstations with fixed hardware specifications (machine-blocked license), such as:

  • A virtual machine with a fixed machine ID
  • A physical machine

Kindly refer to
So as long as your VM has a fixed machine ID it’s wont be a problem, you can contact us for a demo if you want. Thank you