Machine ID with DEVOPS Licence


I have a DEVOPS licence and I lauch tests inside the Katalon Studio Docker Image.
Sometime the test fails because, the online activation failed.I noted that the machine id is different from that given in the Online licence Dashboard.
Are there a reason to this ?



Hi @Nono,

Could you share the execution log contains machine ID and some screenshots of online Machine ID on KRE Dashboard or the recorded video of this issue on your side?

Hello @duyluong

Thanks for you reply.
Below the execution log
katalon.log (19.0 KB)


I saw the machine ID in the log file is e4efbef6b2ca021bdd63ac98937de91c and the same with the one on the TestOps dashboard.

Can you delete the session on TestOps, rerun again while recording the issue then send the video to us (in private chat)?

Hy @duyluong

I confused the getting id 0e5d87ab3dabdc51047de96b5fc06c3d with the machine id
Sorry for inconvenience but why sometimes i have this error messages ?
How Devops Licence works ?