How to find the Machine ID on a VM?


Our company would like to try out KRE but we are not able to find concise and clear directions on how to obtain the Machine ID of a VM. Could someone help me with the directions on how to get this Machine ID. I can get the UUID and something called the machine-id but with the documentation I have read it gives a confusing indication that UUID is correct and in another thread it says the machine-id is correct. Since the documentation also says we only have one shot at this because we cannot change it once we set it.

@trish.goodridge I will say that I have never needed to find the machine id of a VM, however, Katalon supports Java programming. You can use a search engine to look up, “java how to get uuid of a vm”, (supplying your specific VM brand, like VMware). An example would be:

The Java coding could go in the Keywords section which you can then call in a Katalon script.

If you cannot find the Java coding on-line, you may be able to call the VM company support and they may help you.

OK thanks you very much for the reply. We will make the KRE offline licence based off of this.

This is not our fist attempt and it shows us running 3 sessions but this is first time we have a valid license.
The number of valid offline licenses: 1
The number of Runtime Engine running sessions: 3
License quota exceeded
Offline activation failed.
How is it we have 3 sessions running ??

@ThanhTo @duyluong Guys, can you help out here? I read the section posted below but I find it very confusing - we need a set of steps to follow (and like I mentioned months ago, a wizard that walks people through the steps as they answer questions based on their test setup)

I think this guide would be more helpful. You can use Katalon Studio to get the machine ID and then use it to generate licenses for KRE. The details of how the machine ID is retrieved shouldn’t be a concern.

We got a license and it says it is valid but when we try and fire it up and it says we have sessions already running. We have never had it successfully fire up so how can we have sessions running ??? How can we stop everything and then fire up the good license.


Please go to TestOps > Organization (that has a license) > Licenses > KRE ( or DevOps or the type of license you purchased), to see if there’s a machine ID under list Registered Machine. Try to remove it and execute again.

OK so we managed to get past that error by upgrading our version of Katalon to 7.3.3. We are encountering another issue at this time but we would like to see if it is a local issue. Thanks for all the help.

Hello everyone,

You’re recommended to read this announcement regarding the consolidation of both Katalon Runtime Engine DevOps and Floating licenses into one licensing offering, Floating .


Hi teams, If we do not install Katalon Studio, will we not be able to get Machine I? For example, if I only install KRE on the server, will I be able to get the Machine ID corresponding to the server? Thanks.

Hi @Cedar67

Machine ID is required for generating offline license. Let me know which license you’re running KRE with.


just offline license.

We need to install KRE on the remote server and cannot see the Katalon Studio window page. In this case, how can we get the Machine ID?

@Cedar67 i think if you try to run KRE on that machine, providing whatever project, it may show in the very first lines the machine ID … or at least it’s should.

@Cedar67 i did a simple test, no matter if i don’t have a licence.
just downloaded KRE and run it, without any extra arguments:

[bionel@whatever/my/path/is/here]$ ./katalonc 
-- some lines here ---

INFO: Katalon Version: 7.9.0
-- some other lines here ---
INFO: Java version: 1.8.0_275

-- the lines you may need
Start getting machine ID on Linux
End getting machine ID on Linux 0928e9vlahsomethinghere
Start appending additional signatures
osDependentUsername secretnamehere
End appending additional signatures 9237-29837blshs__bionel
INFO: Machine ID: chhkkkmaybesomeidelah0982098
-- some more lines

i think you can figure out what is the line which may have the info you need to generate an offline license.

This method effectively gets the Machine ID, which is what I want. Thank you very much! @bionel