[New Release] Katalon Platform Updates - April 27, 2023

Hi community members, :wave:

We would like to announce the April 27, 2023 release of the Katalon Platform with the following enhancements…


  • You can now run tests on Internet Explorer ver.11 with TestCloud in TestOps. As announced before, you can do that with TestCloud V.1.8.0 from Katalon Studio which has been released on Nov 29, 2022. As Internet Explorer (IE) was retired on June 15, 2022, hence IE 11 is no longer accessible. So now we support to test in Internet Explorer sites with IE mode in Microsoft Edge.

  • As announced before, the mobile native app testing has been disabled for new orgs after April 25th. So the paying orgs who have paid subscription to TestCloud before will continue to be able to access the feature.

  • In this release, we’ve optimized the Windows performance so that it only takes less than 90 seconds to start a Windows virtual machine.

  • We’ve also fixed an issue that occured when some users execute Test Suite Collection with script repository uploaded by a zip file. So you now can save the configured environment for the Test Suite Collection if it has at least one test suite. However, TestCloud hasn’t supported running tests with script repo uploaded by zip file, so you can select Local agent, CircleCI or Kubernetes only. Besides, with this kind of script repository, you can select Test Suite Collection, Katalon command or Generic Command, except Test Suite.


In this release we have delivered some UX improvement to help promote our Starter Plan for interested users…

  • Display a banner to promote the Starter Plan for new customers.
  • Pre-selected the minimum package for users so that they could get the Starter discount.
  • Display the Discount Amount more visibly for users.

We have also fixed some issues…

  • A friendly message will now be displayed for those users who try to set up a custom Domain that has already existed within our system.

  • Cannot choose user to assign Support slot.

:pushpin: For more information, please refer to our documentations.