[New Releases] Katalon Platform Update - March 1, 2023

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We’d like to announce some new changes and updates coming to the Katalon Platform as below:


We have delivered some Xray Integration enhancements:

  • Now, you can get the Katalon Test Result URL under the linked Xray Test Run. The Katalon Test Result URL will be pushed to Xray along with the Katalon Test Run.
  • Also, you can push Defects as Xray Defects under the Xray Test Run. When you have already linked Defects to Test Results, and then you push them to Xray, the Defects will be pushed to the Defects section of the Xray Test Run.


Select Run with TestCloud from Katalon Studio

  • Support executing published and draft Gen5 test cases on Linux in Test Case Editor without Tunnel.

  • In this release, we’ve optimized Windows performance gradually. It now takes around 1-3 minutes to run tests in Windows.

  • You can connect Mobile sample project to run tests in TestCloud environment from TestOps or Katalon Studio for prompt validation purpose.

  • After conducting A/B testing for approximately three months, we’re now launching the new UI of schedule test run dialog for all users who schedule a test run in TestOps. Below are some significant enhancements versus the previous version that are expected to be helpful to support users having a better experience:
    • Users can select the execution Profile in the main screen

  • You can select and see Local, CircleCI, Kubernetes environments visibly when configure for Test Suite/Test Suite Collection

  • You can see full name of test suites like a tooltip when run with test suite collection

  • You are able to input interval of the scheduler within threshold below:

    • The interval number is an integer
    • The minimum interval is 10 mins
    • The interval’s threshold is:
      • 10 - 999 minutes
      • 1 - 999 hours
      • 1 - 999 days
      • 1 - 999 weeks

  • Those who created project(s) before Sep 15th are instructed to create Git repository when schedule a test run if they haven’t set up Git repository before.
  • Return an error message “Selected local agent is inactive” when you select inactive local agent and then click Run button

  • You are instructed to upload app when run with Mobile Native App

  • You can select available mobile devices only when execute mobile testing in TestOps. This will restrict the error message “This device is not available” after selecting device to run tests.

  • There was an issue happened with projects created before Sep 15th only. In case you haven’t set up Git repository before, when you click on the Schedule test run button to open the schedule test run dialog, then nothing appears. From this new version of the dialog, you will be instructed to create a Git repo as below

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Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

we have created a whatsapp group for katalon studio QnA because we also have lots of questions.

If you are interested you can join by below mentioned link:

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Hi @Noor_Ahmed_Khan,

Thank you for your invite. This forum serves as Katalon official support community and we enable search, solutions and other sharings from users. Would you like to have a space for your conversations here? I can reach out to set it up.