[New Releases] Katalon Platform Update - June 22, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we are releasing the June 22, 2023 update of the Katalon Platform with plenty of new features and enhancements as below…


  • You can now execute tests with TestCloud environment in CI/CD tools using KRE CLI without a KRE (Katalon Runtime Engine) license, but this only applies for TestCloud liense and Desktop testing only.

  • You can configure TestCloud environment for a test suite running on mobile browser in a Test Suite Collection. Then generate KRE CLI and running it in their CI/CD framework and this Test Suite can be executed successfully on mobile browser.

  • Upgrade to the latest browser versions for TestCloud environment running in TestOps and Katalon Studio. For Linux and Windows:

    • Chrome (111 - 114)
    • Firefox (111 - 114)
    • Microsoft Edge (111 - 114)


  • We have updated the onboarding checklist to store your progress and track your status so that you will know where you left off, and what are the next steps to do during your onboarding.

  • We have also fixed a bug so that when the total of Passed/Failed changed, the number is refreshed in the report summary of TestOps.


  • Support Management: the Account Owner/Admin can now assign and revoke support slots of any members (except for the default slot of the Account Owner).
  • Katalon Platform trial users can now submit support tickets.
  • We have enhanced the Invitation Flow to support the Activation Experience. When new users receive an Invitation to join an organization, they can still go to the Accept Invitation page and go to the new onboarding of the Katalon Platform.

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