[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Dec 6, 2023

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Today, we are releasing the December 6, 2023 update to the Katalon Platfrom which brings a couple of new features and enhancements as below:


  • To enhance your experiences and facilitate quick navigation to TestOps reports on Xray, we have now automated the process. Following the push of test runs to Xray under Xray Test Executions, the corresponding TestOps reports will be automatically attached to the respective Xray Test Executions.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our Documentations at: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs


  1. [TestOps] You can run the test script contains special characters in TestCloud Linux, TestCloud macOS, TestCloud Windows (LambdaTest), Mobile testing.
  • Context: Currently, when executing tests in TestOps with TestCloud, there is an issue with TestCloud Linux machine used to remote to LambdaTest that is it can not parse test script contains special characters so the test will fail for TestCloud Linux, macOS, Windows LambdaTest, mobile testing.
  1. KRE 9.0.0 has been upgraded the OpenJDK to version 17, Eclipse 2023-03. So TestCloud agent needs to be enhanced as well to ensure compatibility with KRE 9.0 and higher

  2. Install latest browser version for Windows, Linux and macOS (Chrome 119) (Firefox 119) (Edge Chromium 119) for TestCloud environments in Katalon Studio and TestOps.

  1. Mobile testing session will be queued within 15 minutes maximum instead of throwing instant error when device is not available.
  • Cause we’ve provided shared-devices so when looking for a mobile device that is busy in another execution, TestCloud will scan within 15 minutes max until finding a compatible device to run test.
  • After exceeding this limit, the test will fail and error message will be returned as below:

LambdaTest’s device

SauceLabs’s device

  1. [Katalon Studio] You can execute tests in private website in white-labelled LambdaTest environments by white-listing TestCloud IP.
  • When executing tests in private site with TestCloud Windows (LambdaTest), macOS, mobile browser from Katalon Studio, you can choose among 2 options namely white-listing TestCloud IP or set up TestCloud tunnel.

  • After configuring options above, you just need to enable tunnel checkbox in TestCloud configuration dialog as below:

  • The dialog will be updated in terms of textual information in the next release of Katalon Studio within December 2023.

  1. We have been spending our effort on enhancing TestCloud tunnel to improve its performance and reliability. In this release, we’re excited to introduce the initial part of the new tunnel that would enhance your experiences:
  • New TestCloud tunnel will be shared among members in org level instead of team or project.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our Documentations at: Katalon TestCloud Release Notes | Katalon Docs

:information_source: To see our past releases, simply navigate to our new-release tag, or go to our Katalon Community Hub!

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