[New Releases] Katalon Platform Update - Feb 1, 2023

Hi Community members! :wave:

We hope you’re having a great week so far. Today we’re announcing some new changes coming to the Katalon Platform as below…


The TestOps navigation bar is now revamped to optimize spaces on the overall user interface, and bring your better experiences. The main menu is centered and components are spaced properly.

We’ve also delivered some Xray integration enhancement:

  • You can now push Test Environments to Xray under the Xray Test Execution.
  • The latest Xray Test Execution is shown on TestOps under the linked Test Run.

:point_down: See the video below on how to push Test Environment :point_down:


We have enhanced the UI/UX for Test Runs Report Vew to improve your experiences:

  • We’ve made it so that the header will be hidden when scrolling down to expand the viewport.
  • The daily chart can now be expanded to a 90-day view.
  • Dynamically shrink and/or reduce lables to avoid cluttering the x-axis.
  • We’ve added numbers of test case with run status for quick overview on the Test Run row.

Feature Request/Support Ticket solved

Many of our users connect TestOps with Bitbucket instead of Github, and as Bitbucket supports App Password instead of Personal Access Token, we’ve updated the UI wording to avoid any confusion in the future.

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