[New Releases] Katalon Platform Update - Feb 28, 2024

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Today, we are releasing the February 28, 2024 update to the Katalon Platform which brings a couple of new features and enhancements as below:

1. Administration

In this release, we have fixed the following license issue:

  • Issue: Some of our customers were unable to allocate licenses from the account to the organizational level.

  • ** Bug description**: Some of our customers failed to allocate their available licenses from the account to the organizational level. This issue stemmed from a legacy code flow implemented when our platform’s management structure was divided into two levels: account and organization. According to this flow, a Stripe customer ID was necessary to allocate licenses from the account to the organization. However, the subscription creation process for our customers operates exclusively within Recurly and lacks integration with Stripe. Consequently, our customers do not possess a Stripe customer ID, hindering their ability to perform license allocation seamlessly.

  • Resolution: We have updated the logic automatically generate a Stripe account along with a Stripe customer ID, and a Recurly account as soon as one of our customers register on the Katalon Platform.

2. Create test

We are releasing version 9.3.1 of Katalon Studio with the following…

2.1. New features:

  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise]: We have introduced Smart Locator in Web Recorder and Spy, Object editor, Katalon Compact Utility, and Self-healing to improve complex scenarios of Shadow DOM and iframe object recognition. You can also choose Smart Locator as the default locator and record elements inside SVG with Smart Locator.

2.2. Enhancements:

  • We have improved performance when renaming simple forms of files, including test case, test suite, test object, data file, checkpoint file, feature file, and test listener.
  • We have added Chrome 122, Edge 122, and Firefox 123 compatibilities.
  • We have added links to Katalon Docs and Katalon Academy in the Help menu.
  • [StudioAssist] We have improved the error message when you do not yet input your OpenAI API key in the settings.

2.3. Bug fixes:

  • We have fixed an issue where many of our users were not able to update the Chrome WebDriver to versions 121 and 122.
  • We have fixed an issue where Katalon Studio added the wrong number of test cases to the test suite when our users checked and unchecked to show or hide added test cases.
  • [Web Service] We fixed an issue where our users were not able to get the access token with OAuth 2.0 Authorization code.
  • [Intermittent] We fixed an issue that occured when running Test Suite in Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) in which KRE ran the execution before the GlobalVariable.class is generated properly.
  • We fixed an issued in which two dialogs would pop up when both the Access Token and Refresh Token expired at the same time.
  • We fixed an issue where the test result was incorrect when executing a valid JUnit test with the TestNG built-in keyword.
  • We have fixed an issue in which some users got the compileGroovy FAILED error when executing the Gradle command with Katalon Studio 9.x version.
  • We fixed the broken links in the HelpReport menu.
  • We updated the link in the Start pageRelease Highlight to direct you to 9.x Release Notes instead of 8.x Release Notes like before.

2.4. Changes:

  • StudioAssist is now no longer in beta.
  • We have added the Katalon Studio version where the project was created and last modified into the .prj file.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentation at: Katalon Studio Release Notes: Version 9.x | Katalon Docs

3. Execute

3.1. New features:

1. [TestOps] Test the mobile native application’s biometric authentication functionality

What is this?
Biometric Authentication is a security process that leverages the unique biological characteristics of individuals to verify their identities. In native applications, it is often used to provide a seamless, secure, and efficient user experience.

With TestCloud Biometric Authentication, you can simulate biometric authentication events within your app during automation testing. This feature allows you to test the app’s ability to recognize and respond to biometric events, without physically testing it on a device. Biometric Authentication refers to the use of physical characteristics, such as fingerprint (Touch ID) or facial recognition (Face ID) to verify the user’s identity.

TestCloud provides biometrics interception for our you to:

  • Access test flows that are dependent on biometrics support, such as a mandatory security layer.
  • Verify that an app responds as expected to biometrics settings (e.g., enabled/disabled and successful/unsuccessful).

:information_source: OS versions: Biometric authentication is supported only on Android devices with OS version 11 or above , and on iOS devices with OS version 13 or above.

  • TestCloud needs to introduce customs keyword.
  • Fingerprint (Touch ID) and facial recognition (Face ID) for iOS and Android.

How to perform it?

  1. Set up a TestCloud keyword with the name com.katalon.testcloud.BiometricsAuthenticator.
  2. Please remember to configure the remote capability as follows before launching the application: enableBiometricsAuthentication=True

Keyword interface class

public class BiometricsAuthenticator{
    def authenticatePass();

    def authenticateFail();

2. Update latest browser version for Windows, Linux and macOS (Chrome 121) (Firefox 121) (Edge Chromium 121) for TestCloud environments in TestOps and Katalon Studio

3.2. Enhancements:

1. [TestOps] Support Smart Wait on macOS/Windows (environments served by LambdaTest)

Given A project is enabled Smart Wait in Katalon Studio

When Running a test run with test suite/test suite collection of this project on TestCloud in TestOp.

Then The test run can be executed successfully with the associated Smart Wait


  • It is exposing lambda:loadExtension. It’s acceptable due to it’s not enough to indicate to 3rd party.
  • It doesn’t work on Safari and IE due to being unsupported by Katalon Studio.
  • It doesn’t work on Chrome Headless and Linux Firefox headless same as running on local.

3. In Environment of test run, show icon to differentiate Mobile Native App and Mobile Browser and icon Kubernetes/CircleCI

Mobile Browser: OS + device name + browser

Mobile Native App: OS + device name + app name

When hovering in one of 3 icons, display tooltip “OS + device name + browser/app_name”

  • When running in CircleCI or Kubernetes environments, an icon of specific environment will be displayed in details of the test run
  • Hover on the icon → display name of the agent, e.g. cloudian-k8s-1
  • After test run has been completed, display icon of OS and browser

4. Support KRE 9.3
Support KRE 9.3 for TestCloud environments as the latest version of KRE. When user creates a test run in TestOps, select latest version in KRE dropdown, the test run will be executed with KRE 9.3 in TestCloud environment.

3.3. Bug fixes:

  • Video of LambdaTest/SauceLabs (executing in Windows, macOS, mobile testing) are renamed correctly when there are multiple startApplication in a test case or when running a test suite with mixed UI and API test cases.
Before After
Video name: video.mp4 Video name: <number of test case>_<environment>_<test case name>.mp4
  • [History page] When running a test suite in multiple environments within a test run, only display one profile in details of a test run instead of a list of the same profile.
  • [History page] Display full of failed test result list in Failed Test Result and Sessions, not limit at 50 records.

:information_source: For more information, please refer to our documentations at: Katalon TestCloud Release Notes | Katalon Docs

To view our past releases, simply navigate to our new-release tag, or visit our Katalon Community Hub.


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