[New Release] Katalon Platform Update 30 Aug, 2023

Hi all, :wave:

Today we Product team is pumped to release the August 30th, 2023 update to the Katalon Platform which bring with it a slew of new features and enhancements as below:


  • Security Settings: The new page helps the Account Owner/Admin to save time and easily manage all security-related features in one place, including Idle Timeout, Session Timeout, Custom Domain, Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings, and IP Address Restrictions. This page now also sport a more intuitive design with high consistency to save you from spending time finding various places to set up and review their security configurations.

  • Temporarily hide “Forgot Password” in Administration - User Profile and User Management: This enhancement solves the issues from the current Keycloak Forgot Password flow which is only suitable for those who haven’t logged in yet. In the next phase, we will develop another flow (potentially Reset Password) for logged-in users and apply it to the User Profile.

  • Eliminate Idle Timeout in the sidebar: This enhancement helps the new feature Security Settings to be more centralized and consolidated.

  • Organization Management Migration: This enhancement helps you to not to be redirected back and forth between Admin and My Domain. Besides, the Session Timeout, Custom Domain, and Single Sign-On Settings from the old Organization Management page are moved to Security Settings above. Therefore, the Organization Management page now only has Organization Profile to manage the organization information.


We are excited to announce the completion of the Test Management Feature! With this update, you can now perform a range of actions directly within your test cases and test suites, including renaming, editing, duplicating, and moving.

Additionally, we’ve streamlined your workflow by enabling them to effortlessly schedule test runs directly from both test suite list view and test suite detail page. This enhancement brings new capabilities to test management, making the testing process even more efficient.

:pushpin: Please note that we are currently not providing full support for these actions for test cases/test suites stored in Git repositories.

Test Case

Test Suite

Our new OpenAI Key Input feature offers greater control over your AI experience. We enable them to configure their own OpenAI key directly within the platform. Besides, you can easily edit or remove configured OpenAI Key as needed, ensuring flexibility and control over their settings. It’s crucial to note that only project administrators manage OpenAI API keys.


In this release, we have enhanced the recently announced Virtual Data Analyst (VDA) feature with:

  • An enhanced format for AI-block output of Virtual Data Analyst feature, allow users to refresh, and add tracking events.

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