[New Release] Katalon Platform update - May 31, 2023

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Hi Community members, :wave:

Today we are thrilled to announce a new up to the Katalon Platform with the following new features and enhancements as below.


This release also include a new update to Katalon Studio which will bump the version number to 8.6.5

  • A highlight for this release is the new onboarding tours for Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE). You can try out the tour by opening a Project, then go to Help → Quickstart guide. The tour is listed as the 6th step of the Quickstart checklist. See Quickstart guide for more information.
  • Test Suite editor:
    • We have added the Analytics tab with insights leveraged from the Katalon Platform.
    • We have added three columns in the Main tab: Flakiness (%), Latest Runs, and Avg. Duration (Average Duration). See View test suite analytics in Katalon Studio for more information.


  • The Enhanced Start Page now comes with a new look and more customized information for each onboarding phase, with the following key enhancements:

    • License notification banner now also displays the expiry date of Katalon Runtime Engine license.
    • Added Platform section with advanced test reports if you enabled Katalon Platform integration.
    • Added Walkthroughs section showing the progress of Katalon Studio and Katalon Platform tours.
    • Reorganized Quick Links and Resources sections. See Start Page for more info.
  • We have enhanced the UI for the Quickstart guide and Katalon Platform integration dialog (previously named **Katalon TestOps integration).

  • We have simplied the onboarding experience by removing some onboarding questionnaires.

  • We now support the use of the Katalon Compact Ulitity (KCU) Chrome extension of Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. See Configure the Compact Utility with Microsoft Edge Profile for more information.

  • We have added a tooltip for the Common Comment keyword.

  • We have added Connection Propertise for JDBC Driver settings in ProjectSettingsDatabase.

  • We have added Microsoft Edge 113, Google Chrome 113, and Gecko 0.33 (Mozilla Firefox 113) compatibility.

  • [Security Compliance]:

    • Upgraded SnakeYML to version 2.0.
    • Upgraded Azul Zulu OpenJDK to 8.68 (8u362).


  • We have enabled the Gift icon :gift: on the toolbar for the referral program.
  • Supported running tests on TestCloud in Katalon Runtime Engine with only TestCloud license required.


The following fixes are integrated when you download/upgrade to Katalon Studio 8.6.5:

  • [Katalon Platform integration]:

    • Some accounts could not fetch Team and Project.
    • Did not display enough Team options for existing users.
  • [WebUI.concatenate keyword]:

    • Could not edit input value when using the keyword.
    • Generated incorrect script when using in manual mode.
  • Keywords worked with incorrect timeout:

    • WebUI.verifyElementPresent
    • WebUI.verifyElementNotPresent
    • WebUI.waitForElementPresent
    • WebUI.waitForElementNotPresent

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