[New Release] Katalon Platform Update - Oct 25, 2023

Hi Community members, :wave:

Today, we are releasing the October 25th update to the Katalon Platform which brings a slew of new features and enhancements as below :point_down:.


We are excited to release Katalon Studio version 9.0.0, which was developed from 9.0.0 beta and contains all the upgrades and fixes in 9.0.0 beta. The major changes of version 9.0.0 compare to versions 8.x are:

  • Upgrade Eclipse IDE from version 4.16 to 4.27 (2023-03).
  • Upgrade Java from version 8 to 17.
  • Upgrade Groovy compiler from version 2.4.20 to version 3.0.17.
  • Upgrade EGit from version 4.6.1 to 6.5.

:information_source: For more details, visit our documentation at: Katalon Studio Release Notes: Version 9.x | Katalon Docs

:information_source: Download Katalon Studio 9.0.0 at: Katalon Studio Free Download | Katalon

Katalon Studio 9.0.0 also saw the debut of StudioAssist in the official version - the virtual AI assistant that can help you to generate codes and explain codes using GPT technology - that was first introduced in version 8.6.7 beta. StudioAssist can:

  • Generate test scripts from natural language imputs, and
  • Explain what a highlighted test script does.

:information_source: Learn more about StudioAssist at: StudioAssist in Katalon Studio | Katalon Docs

:mortar_board: Check out our Katalon Academy courses on how to use StudioAssist in your project at: Introducing 2 new AI-focused courses on Katalon Academy ๐ŸŽ“

  • From Oct 30, 2023 onward, you will be able to sign up and log in to Katalon Studio using your Google account.


  • TestOps now provides a feature called Instant Run, which allows you to quickly execute Cloud Studio test cases in Cloud Storage directly from the test case screens. This feature enhances workflow efficiency by enabling you to rapidly produce your Cloud Studio test case reports and derive insights from them with just a single click.

  • We have discontinued the ability for you to create, store, and modify your Cloud Studio test cases and test suites in their Git repositories. However, if you previously had Cloud Studio test cases and test suites in their Git repositories, then you will still have the capability to view and execute their test cases and test suites on the Katalon Platform.

:information_source: To view our full TestOps release note, visit: Katalon TestOps Release Notes | Katalon Docs


  • We have update latest browser version for Windows, Linux and macOS (Chrome 117, 118, Firefox 117, 118, Edge Chromium 117, 118) for TestCloud environment in TestOps and Katalon Studio.

  • [TestOps] You can now see video recording when executing in Linux without enabling Screen Recording from Katalon Studio, regardless it passed or failed.

  • [TestOps] When executing tests with Windows LambdaTest, macOS, mobile testing, you can see proper video recording in the Test Result instead of the default screen recording of Linux remote machine.

    • Display loading progress and text โ€œVideo recording is processingโ€ฆโ€ in the thumbnail of the video and color of the thumbnail is lighter than normal while waiting for the video is available.

There is only video.mp4, not mov/avi video that useless is generated in File tab of Report.

  • There is not a video when executing tests with Web service testing, Headless mode. The loading progress will be displayed within 15 minutes then timed out and a banner will appear as below

  • You can upload file(s) when running in Windows LambdaTest from Katalon Studio

  • Addressing API key expiration

    • Update API key that saved in TestCloud tunnel configuration to system API key.
    • If you has only expired API key, you cannot schedule test or trigger a test run until you have at least one active API key in your API key list.
  • Ensure takeScreenshotAtCheckPoint keyword works correctly in TestCloud mobile browser without breaking the image as below:

  • Your project always has runfromTestCloud in the desired capabilities when executing tests with TestCloud to avoid exposing TestCloud credential information.

:information_source: To view our full release notes, visit: Katalon TestCloud Release Notes | Katalon Docs