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Hi and @drvree, :wave:

Welcome to our forum! It is always good to see new faces around.

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Welcome to the Katalon community!

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Hello everyone!
Iโ€™m Fariz from Indonesia.
Iโ€™m an old user of Katalon Studio since ver 5.x, and few years ago I become a part time and freelance software QA instructor and using Katalon Studio as my one of my tools in Test Automation.
Some people might already know me in one of biggest Software QA community in Indonesia (yeah thatโ€™s me :wink: )

Actually Iโ€™ve been joining, reading casually a lot of topics in Katalon Studio Forum, but I never post anything :rofl: .
But now I decided to use this profile to be my main account to reply, create topics, and engage with people in Katalon Forum. And also grateful that being trusted as one of the Katalon Creator :smiley:

See you around on the Katalon Forum :wave:


Hello, Katalon community!

I new to the community but not to Katalonโ€ฆ My team encountering an issue with login to katalon and got repository issue in my automation project with new katalon upgrade and would greatly appreciate your expertise and assistance.

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Can you share some details

Hi there @priyanga.udhaya riyanga, :wave:

Welcome to our forum. I have replied to your respective thread about the issue that you and your team are experiencing, please check it out.

Hi there @farizagati, :wave:

Our team is very excited to have you as our first-ever Indonesian Creator, and we cannot wait to see what we will achieve together!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about how to navigate our forum and the like.

Thanks, :+1:


Hi @here,

We just started a new thread where you can share your (approximated) locations with us to get featured on our first-ever :sparkles: Map of Katalon Users :sparkles:!

Check out how to get featured in the topic below :point_down: