Moving From Postman to Katalon

Hi… because I already asking if it possible to migrating all my work on Postman to Katalon automatically already answered that it is not possible right now, so I decided to make it from scratch…

Anyone here familiar with postman and already using katalon for testing API? If yes then I would be very grateful if you explain me:

How I set up my Katalon to work for my API testing? I already copy all the variable in my environment Postman to my default profiles in Katalon.
Then, I also already make Web service request in object repository. I understand the HTTP body part, but a little confuse about HTTP header (because some var didn’t exist in Katalon, and also there are some tab that didn’t exist in Katalon like Pre-Request Script and Test.

So where can I declare all of that??
To make it cleared, here is screenshot one of my postman API request:

And then here my katalon project:

Thank you…

First, you will have to forget what you learned in Postman if you want to fully migrate to Katalon :slight_smile:
Parametrization works a bit different here, also the workflow.
The way i did:
In global variables i store the data changing with the testing environment, e.g. basic url’s for qa, stg, px and associated credentials (one profile for each environment).
In object repository i made just generic test objects for each http verb (get, post, del)
for data which are changing specific for clients, i use testdata features (mostly internal db, sometime sql also … read a bit in the docs about Manage Test Data and see how it can suit to your needs)

There is no prerequest and test section.

All of them you have to program in the test script. I am organizing my testcases sort of:

  • one testcase correspond to one request in Postman
  • ‘setup/given’ section (corresponding to PreReq in Postman) aka define the needed vars,build final urls, headers, body etc. I am simply using comments in the code to mark the sections, this is not mandatory but i do it for readability.
  • ‘when’ section - send the api request (call the testobject with relevant parametters)
  • ‘then’ section (corresponding to Test in Postman) - check the response code, content type, parse response and extract data, do other assertions

hope it helped!

Hi all,
We are working on the feature to import requests from Postman. Hope it helps.

Thanks for letting us know.
Is there a timeline on when can we expect this feature?

Hi. It is available in 6.1.5 Here’s the release note.

Cheers !

Wow, Thanks.

@ThanhTo cute!
quick question, i am far away from the pc with postman and katalon, so i cannot try it yet … but:

  • how it will behave if some given fields in postman collection are parametrized? will convert them to a variable … or import them ‘as it is’? e.g. {{some_var_here}}

It is importing them as it is with {Var}

aha … will be nice if will convert them to ${var} … but we can add later some feature requests

@ThanhTo, I tried to import a collection from postman which has 20 requests, which created an empty folder with name ‘Postman’ in Object Repository. The import worked fine with another postman collection with 7 requests in it. Please have a look at it.

@Ibus, sorry I overlooked. They are being imported as ${var}

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Can you get us the log files after you imported the 20 requests collection for us ? The log file is under Help > Error log. We will look into it and let you know.

Cheers !

Hello @saipraveenb1994
Can you give me your file .json? I need it to check and find your reason.
Thanks a lot.

sorry, cant shsare that. Its confidential :frowning:

Hi @saipraveenb1994

The functionality is still in beta development so lots of issues are still present, we will release 6.2 in which many bugs related to Postman import are fixed. Stay tuned !

Cheers !

@saipraveenb1994 what is the format you used when exporting collection? v1 or v2? try both of them… as far as i remember there are huge differences between json structure in the collection format and i don’t know which has been considered by the katalon devs

@ThanhTo does the feature support both postman formats or only the newest? sorry, still didnt had time to play with the new release

Hi @Ibus

Currently we are working on supporting on the newest. When it’s fully functional then older formats may be considered.

Cheers !

Hi @ThanhTo
I’m already using Katalon 6.1.5 and I already see the new feature to import from postman. But why can’t i used it, I already choose my exported file from postman (which is already on v2.1) but nothing happen.

Hi @sari.yunita22

It sounds like an issue, can you reproduce it and send us the log file under Help > Error Log for further investigation ?

Cheers !

@sari.yunita22, try to import a collection with less number of requests in it. Say <10 for now.