Is it possible to import APIs into Katalon from other API testing tool like Postman?

Is it possible to import APIs into katalon from other API testing tools like Postman.
Scenario is in our organisation we want to move from Postman to Katalon for API automation testing. Is there an option to import/reuse the existing APIs? that would make life simpler.

no. postman is (node) JS minded, Katalon is Java (+Groovy) designed.

there is no easy way to do such compatibility, as both of them are using a lot of custom classes written on each technology. The only common thing between the two’s is the J …

@Ibus, your response doesn’t make sense. It hardly matters what language a tool is programmed in, as long as the API model is in a portable format. Postman stores request data in a JSON model (viewable with collection export), and it is certainly possible for a Java application to read and parse such a ubiquitous format.

I think the question the OP asked - and the one I would also like an answer to - is whether or not such functionality has already been built into Katalon Studio. If not, how can I go about requesting a feature addition?

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Hi @josephdsaylor

You can create a post under topic New Feature & Suggestion to request a feature. At the moment, Katalon Studio doesn’t support importing APIs from Postman, we do support importing from Swagger and WSDL though.

Regards !

Nice! Swagger import will work for my use-case. I’ll add that like you said.

Thanks! :smiley:

Well … maybe my previous answer make no sense … but
Feel free to play exporting from Postman in Swagger and importing them in Katalon.
If you have just simple requests it may work. If you have them parametrized like i do, using environment variables … good luck.

And if you have also tests implemented in Postman … enjoy re-writing them, not to speak about pre-scripts.
I hope you don’t expect those being also imported … or somebody to write easily a voodoo parser from custom Json containing JS snippets to Groovy scripts … and to keep-up with the changes Postman team usually do in the collection format …

LE: in my defense, I think at the time I posted the previous response the Swagger support was not yet implemented … however, here is an updated answer:

NO, it is not possible to import Postman API requests directly in Katalon.
It can import instead requests from Swagger provided are properly formatted

@ThanhTo was able to answer my question. Thanks for echoing that though. :smiley: