Management and organization of test cases

How do you ensure the effective management and organization of test cases within a test suite to optimize testing efforts and coverage?

Though I am not a tester, the organization of test cases and test suite really brought my days of working on video essays for uni assignments to mind, specifically the part where I had to organize my files and assets.

So, I guess the point below could, somewhat, be applied in this situation:

  1. Plan the project and tasks: Whenever I start a video essay project, I always spent around 5-10 minutes just quickly jotting down the goals, scopes, timelines, and deliverables of the assignment. This helped me priotiize which task to complete first and so on.
  2. Use a standardized naming convention: I guess many people on here will agree that using a consistent naming scheme will go a long way in helping you locate your files easy in the long run. For a video editing project, the common naming convention would be Project name_date_version number_descriptionAsian Cinema_200619_V2_Analysis of Taiwan cinema.
  3. Create directories: If I have bunch of source video files, then I would usually filter out the ones I would use and put them in a separate folder. I would then create sub-folders based on the function of each source file i.e. “Intro”, “Main”, “Outro”, “B-rolls”, etc. and then put the ones I have chosen into their respective folders.
  4. Try to reuse files or assets: If I have more than one video editing projects at a time and that they are similar to each other, then I usually tried to reuse or repurpose source files, templates, presets, effects, etc. to save time and remain consistent across my projects.