[New Course] Katalon Recorder: Organizing Automated Tests for Efficiency 🎓


Hi Academy learners, :wave:

Today, we are thrilled to share another Katalon Recorder-focused course with you to help enhance your productivity, reduce maintenance efforts, and ensures comprehensive test coverage through proper test cases organization.

In three chapters, you will learn:

  • Best practices for structuring and grouping test cases
  • Leveraging tags for better test management and execution
  • Enhancing test execution flexibility with dynamic test suites

By the end of the course, you will be equipped to organize your automated tests more effectively and improve your testing efficiency.

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This course was created by our instructor Ravikanth Edamakanti (@ravikanth.edamakanti) - Senior Manager at Cigniti - who is also one of our Katalon Creators! Check out his profile below :point_down: