General Question about Structure of Test Cases

Hello Team,

I have a general question about how you guys manage your test cases ( i.e Folder Structure ) in Katalon. The project I have in Katalon is running into a stage where I have 300 + Test Cases and they are growing daily. Currently, I am following the approach of dividing test cases into multiple subfolders. For e.g Test Cases for Reset Your Password scenario are sitting in Folder Structure like this: Test Cases / Sign In Sign Out / Reset your Password. This approach is fine if there is a single person working on the project but if there are multiple persons then it is difficult to handle and sharing the long path of the Test Cases. It is also time-consuming.

One solution to this is having a unique identifier for every test case e.g A Number that is added by Katalon itself which is not editable by User and does not change when user moves that test case having that number in different folders. Just like the number added by Jira when we create a new ticket/bug.

Any thoughts on the approach you guys are using or on the one I have would be great ?

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