Linked JIRA Issues. Stuck on login page

I have been trying all 3 options in “Linked JIRA Issues” it brings up the JIRA login screen, populates it with my Username and password, then flips back to login page with both fields blank.
Connection test in project settings/integration, works.
No log entries are generated.
Windows Server 1016 (1607)
JIRA v7.11.0
Katalon 5.10.1

I just updated to Katalon 6.0.5 and Jira plugin 1.0.4, and still same issue.

@danpoleary please attach some picture having that issue and give me step to reproduce it

Hello @Alice,

I cannot capture first login screen, it show the Username and Password fields filled in correctly, then flips to this screen.

This issue has been logged in our backlog, it will be fixed in the future. In meanwhile, you can use Jira server instead of Jira cloud, it works fine.

Hi @Alice, We are using Jira server/on prem, and still get this issue. It is a more widespread issue.


We might be able to ship a beta build tomorrow with a fix for this.

Could you all please try again with the version 6.1.0 beta and let us know if it helps? Also please specify whether you were using the built-in integration or the new Jira plugin from our store?

Hi @devalex88, I am attempting patch now.

I did originally try both the built in, then the 1.04 download from store.

Will let you know ASAP how the 6.1.0 beta does.


Hi @devalex88,

Tried 6.1.0, and same problem. I cannot get past login screen. Even when it flips back to login screen, and I enter my username and password manually, it wont take it. If I copy URL it displays to a separate Chrome window, and enter my username and password, it logs in.

Something in the Katalon browser window is preventing login.

Could you please provide some details about the Jira instance and your computer (beside what mentioned in previous posts)?


  • Version
  • Type (cloud or server)
  • If possible, the list of installed add-on


  • OS
  • Built-in browser version (IE, Safari)

Hi @devalex88,

Jira v7.11.0 server
I will request list of plugins from that team.

Windows Server 2016 (1607) Standard.

By built-in browser, do you mean the default or what is installed by OS? We have set Chrome as the default, both at the OS level and withing Katalon. Windows Server 2016 installs IE by default.

Thank you for the swift response. I meant the browser shipped with the OS. In your case, if possible please share with us the IE version.

Hi @devalex88, 2016 ships with IE 11 (11.282.14393.0)

Success @devalex88,

Once you brought up the built-in browser, I tried using it to Jira, and noticed Jira was not is the accept list. Once added, it works in Katalon as well.

I would have thought that setting “Use external browser” and setting all browser options to Chrome, would have forced Katalon to use Chrome. I guess not.

Could you not set it so that we use the browser of our choice?


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Thank you @danpoleary. We will review this function.