Jira integration is not working

I have 2 jira servers. With one Jira I am able to connect smoothly with Katalon. After connection Jira project and Issue type details are fetched correctly.
However, with the 2nd Jira, the connection doesn’t work. After entering Server URL, Username and Password, when I press Connect button, the progress information popup appears. The progress bar doesn’t proceed. Popup says “Connecting to Jira” and “Validating Jira account” for around 5 seconds and then the popup disappears.

Please suggest what issue could be there?

I am checking log files. But it seems Jira connection logs are missing from Katalon.

Do you know specifications of these JIRA servers such as its version (JIRA cloud/server 8.x.x)?


Hi Vinh,
It is - JIRA v7.5.3.