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Hi All,

How to integrate JIRA with Katalon, I followed the Steps as per Above. However, I am not able to connect with jira.

Because my JIRA is integrated with OKTA. Whenever I am trying to login to JIRA it will take me to OKTA screen, Where I need to provide my SSO ID and Password.

Please let me know how we can overcome this situation



Hi @rahul2, provide us the steps you did to connect Katalon Studio with Jira and screen shot as well.


Steps Manual Login with JIRA

  1. URL Provided to Browser. It take you to SSO (Single Sign On Screen)

Refer Screen shot
2. After enterting ID and password
3.It will take you to JIRA dashbord

Katalon Issue: Screen shot.



As I can see in the screen shot 1 &. 2, you still cannot login to jira on a browser. That’s why KS threw a message to inform you that your account is not valid. So, please make sure that you can login successfully to Jira on a browser. Next, use this valid account to integrate with Jira from Katalon Studio. Btw, what kind of jira you are using? is it jira server or jira cloud? If you still cannot integrate with Jira with a valid account, send us your Jira URL.


I got the jira integrated with Katalon successfully, but I m not seeing the projects in the drop down menu under default JIRA project.


Yes, I tried the same but it works in browser.



Are you using Jira Cloud or Server?


Jira is in cloud