Katalon JIRA Integration unable to create/link issue

I’m having problems integrating Katalon with my JIRA project.

Steps I have done:

  • Plugin downloaded and I was successfully able to connect and see my project on Project → Settings-> Plugin → JIRA. We user JIRA server, so I’m using a username and password. I have also set the default JIRA project and the issue type.

(I removed the attach screenshot/log settings because of a related comment I found, still no luck)

  • I am able to see the bug icon in the Report testcase table.

But when I click on the big icon (click to manage JIRA issues) and click create issue, the JIRA login page is displayed and it continuously flickers - it keeps refreshing and does not let me log in at all.

When I try to link an existing issue, I get an error saying “Invalid request with URL”

I looked at all the forum topics I could and tried looking at all the browser settings, I tried deleted all web cache, also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

Can someone please help?

Looks like the 3rd image did not upload correctly. here’s the error I get when I try to link an existing issue:

I tried uninstalling (deleted the folders) and reinstalling katalon - still no luck. Still getting the same problems when I try to create/link JIRA issue.

Hi @dherga,

Please share Katalon error log file with us.

I’m assuming that this is the log under config/metadata? Attaching it here. Please let me know if its something else.

(It didn’t let me upload the log directly - so I used 7z)

.log.7z (11.7 KB)

@duyluong please see above.