Linked JIRA issues fin error

I need help about JIRA integration. I could successfully connected to JIRA (in the settings menu) and choose the default project.

Nevertheless, when I try to link an existing issue or to create a new issue, it failed (message invalid request). See logs in attachment.

Note that the url “http://srv-jira:8080/rest/api/2/issue/EDR-46” returns correct informations. But normally, the real link is “http://srv-jira:8080/browse/EDR-46”.

And when I try to create a new issue: a new windows connects successfully to JIRA, but the JIRA native submission form doesn’t displayed.

Thanks for your help !



Normally, it might takes a while for the form to load. Did you get any error message?

Hello Trong Bui,
When I try to creat a new issue, I don’t have any error message (even in the logs). After 20min, the JIRA page doesn’t moove. (It open with the message “this dialog will be automatically closed after you created issue”, but the JIRA form is never created). Do youy have any sugestion ?thanks.

the same thing is happening to me, it does not open jIra Native form