Failed to Create Issue with JIRA Integration

Hi Guys, I need your help to solve my problem.

Here is the case:
I want to do JIRA integration with my katalon (version 5.3). It was succeed until generate the issue automatically itself. But the problem is, when I click ‘create’ button to create the issue, it said ‘Server url is not valid’. I really don’t know why the problem is. is there any problem with my integration, or JIRA itself?


Can you give me some solutions to solve my problem? Any suggestions will be great for me. Thanks

Have you checked on Project Settings? I mean, have you tested your server url user and pass on Integration Settings?

Hi @Sergio_Escobedo_Gali

First of all thank you for your response. Yes I have, and it said ‘project was connected successfully’. I have no problem about it until generating the summary of the issue. The problem just shown when I clicked ‘create’ button as I mentioned before.

Any suggestions for it?

Hi @Willis_Williandy, Could you share us KS log file?

Hi @duyluong

Do you mean the log viewer?

If it was not, can u tell me which one or where I can get the ‘KS log file’ that you mentioned about?

I mean KS log file, it is under:
Windows logs folder: <Katalon Studio folder>\config\.metadata\.log.

Oh, I got it.
here it is

.log.log (273.7 KB)

There was something wrong when uploading the attachment. We will add more details in the next release.
To workaround with this, you need to disable Attach Screenshot to JIRA ticket and Attach Log to JIRA ticket in JIRA Integration settings and re-create JIRA issue again.

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ahh, it works for me. thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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