Katalon runtine quota exceeded?

Good Morning. I have a problem executing the runtime again.
It turns out that it shows us that we exceeded the quota, how is that?
This brings us that they are not executed always giving us error.

They could analyze it and tell us what to do, since we have fourteen days of monthly runtime license left as seen in the images.
I have removed the machine from testops and updated katalon to version 7.9.1

I’m already waiting for an answer.


@ThanhTo @kazurayam Error katalon runtine.txt (19.8 KB)

I know nothing about the licensing issues.

Apologies @kazurayam
What happens is that it seems strange to us that this happens when paying.
Would you know who can help us besides thanhto?

Maybe the solution provided in this ticket may help you


any input?

Good morning, we continue with the same problem, still without solving.
Please someone from the katalon team who can help us since we pay the license and this does not work.

we again provide the evidence

error runtine.txt (19.9 KB)

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